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Be a part of the paradigm shift.




For too long we have lived in mediocracy, making excuses for the things we always wanted to do but didn’t. Below are some of those excuses I’ve heard from people around with my replies to them.


I’m not sure : Then don’t do it. Stop standing in one place for a lifetime being unsure. Change your focus to what you are sure about. You aren’t sure of a business you want to start, focus on the job you have in hand and do that well. You aren’t sure of a relationship, turn to the ones you are sure of and give your best. You aren’t sure of doing something for the first time, do it and see how it feels.  You will never be sure of anything that you haven’t done before till you do it. So do it or change focus.


I’m too scared : Unless you intend jumping off a cliff or walking right into a lion’s cage, what are you scared of? People, comments and failures, will find you every day. They will laugh, demotivate and discourage. Unless you find their feedback constructive, listen to what your heart says. Now that’s not cliché. Your heart speaks to you and it speaks so loudly that it can cancel all the noise around you at times. You allow the voices outside to influence you and more often than not, it keeps you paralyzed and stagnating in one place. Nothing else, but fungus thrives on stagnating water. So be scared of that more than anything else and move.


What if I fail? : Now look…when you were a toddler, they didn’t tell you the story of the spider climbing the wall many times before it reached the top for entertainment. There was a moral to it. Were you dreaming then? I’m telling you, you will fail. So be ready for that and stop being surprised of it all the time. What if you don’t fail? Tried turning your self-talk to that scenario before?


I can’t, I feel bored and lazy : Nothing to say here. If you are just lazy, you are actually dead. It’s just the body that’s dragging along still. Stay there. When your situation bites you badly, you’ll run don’t worry.


One life, make it worth it. Make mistakes, fail, fall, cry, break a few bones. That’ll be a story you’ll remember. A safe life is full of regrets.  So, get up and do what you wanted to, what you have to and what you know you must.  Be a part of the paradigm shift.

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