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Everything will change…




Everyone is waiting to get back on track,

Lest do we realise that there is very little truth to that.

Cause nothing will ever be the same again,

Everything is about to change.


Some unfortunate souls have gone away sooner,

Some battle for life still on the ventilator.

Some fight for shelter and food,

While a few others wish to get out of home if they could.

But then there are those, who have surrendered to serving,

Relentlessly for a vaccine they are all searching.

While some even risking their health to comfort others,

With the brave hearts putting their lives on the line for their brothers.


Nothing has been the same,

Everything has already changed.


From personal to digital,

From love one another to don’t even touch the little.

From go out and explore the world,

To keep yourself away when you have a cold,

Put a mask on that face, stay home, stay safe,


Look around, nothing has remained the same.

Everything has already changed.


Time to stop wining and ask yourself,

If you lost it all, would you be able to stand up again,

If it is your turn to go, what are you leaving behind,

If life today gave you a second chance, how would you live it this time.


Because nothing is going to be the same,

Everything will change.


New opportunities, New challenges,

New risks, new businesses,

New fears and new achievements,

New successes and new disappointments,

Who thought 2020 would not allow anything to be the same,

Who knew that everything would change.

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