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This is how People deal with Anxiety …




During this period when all of us are stuck at home, I have received many calls for help from people suffering from ‘Anxiety.’ A term used to define a feeling of worry.  Here is what I found people generally do to deal with Anxiety in order to self treat it. 


Live in Denial  :  I met a gentleman who feared losing his job. He was suffering from ‘Anxiety’ about something that he thought could happen. When I explored how he was dealing with it, I found him convincing himself that it would not happen, yet begin worried about it happening. Bit of a tongue twister there I know…but that is what it was. He was living in denial that he could lose his job and it was time for him to think of a  Plan B. 


Self-medication  :  Some decide the only way to get over ‘Anxiety’ is to pop a pill and make the brain chemicals do the hard work. These will google medications and self treat themselves and will feel good when the effect of the medication starts, then dizzy and depressed when the effect is wearing out and will get back into the anxious state of mind when the effect has completely worn out. Then they pop a pill again and the cycle continues. 


Justify Unhelpful Habits  :  Unhelpful habits make themselves known through unhelpful outcomes. Then you will meet people who will justify every one of their bad habits completely ignoring the outcome which happens to be the stress that handholds them to ‘Anxiety’ eventually. They will rebel to change unhelpful habits to better ones but will behave the same way, creating worse circumstances for themselves and then get ‘Anxious’ about the outcome all over again. 


Become Comfortable with the Uncomfortable  :  I have met people who will sit in an ‘Anxious’ state of mind defining how it makes them feel till the sun sets, but will make no movement to change their state of being. They will not reach out for help, they will not take advice, they will not change their actions. They will rather get used to the environment that ‘Anxiety’ creates and will succumb to bigger health challenges and then reach a more critical condition. 


Now as you read this, I know your mind will tell you what is the right thing to do, but only if it was all so easy. Counselling Practitioners help make the uneasy digestible. So in case you have been giving in to one of the above patterns and want to see the light of day which is a distance away from Anxiety, know we are only a call away.

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