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During this period when all of us are stuck at home, I have received many calls for help from people suffering from ‘Anxiety.’ A term used to define a feeling of worry.  Here is what I found people generally do to deal with Anxiety in order to self treat it.    Live in Denial  :  I
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Everyone is waiting to get back on track, Lest do we realise that there is very little truth to that. Cause nothing will ever be the same again, Everything is about to change.   Some unfortunate souls have gone away sooner, Some battle for life still on the ventilator. Some fight for shelter and food,
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I was conducting a counselling session for a lady whose child was confused about her career after completing graduation. As she spoke, I could constantly hear her say the words, ya, if I could…, ya, if I was supported…ya, if I had money…, etc. I gathered she was feeling anxious about not being able to help her
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Be a part of the Paradigm Shift...

For too long we have lived in mediocracy, making excuses for the things we always wanted to do but didn’t. Below are some of those excuses I’ve heard from people around with my replies to them.   I’m not sure : Then don’t do it. Stop standing in one place for a lifetime being unsure. Change
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Partnership and Collaboration

While conducting a corporate training workshop, I facilitated the iron rod bending activity, which was an analogy to translate to the participants what partnership and collaboration are all about. I had two strong men, who decided to address the challenge. Looking at their physique, the act seemed a lot easier to those that were watching.
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Are you an HR Professional ??

It is a challenging time when work from home that once seemed like a bliss, has actually turned into a curse for many.  Instead of 8 hours, employees are working 10 to 12 hours and alongside juggling with their personal environment.  More work and reduced pay cheques isn’t a very encouraging position, but many just move
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Have no expectations … Is that even possible?

“You must not expect.”  I have heard this line many a times from a lot of people.  When I reply, “Sure.  Can you explain how that is done…not expecting? Especially, when I am investing time, effort and money?” the answer goes dragging along like a long lecture, but no practical doable technique to how must
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There is more to what is happening…
Today is Tomorrow’s past …

All of us draw references from our past experiences.  Unfortunately, we do this more often with the negative past experiences than the good ones.  Let me give you an example.  Have you heard of someone saying, “never trust anyone,” or “love is for losers,” or “never be too good” or “iss desh ka kuch nahi
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